Today, software technology has found its way into all aspects of modern business processes. More than ever, we depend on the fundamental principles of computer science, engineering and mathematical analysis as the common basis of quality software solutions.

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Software Technology

We advise our clients on all matters relating to the creation and application of quality software solutions.

  • Software technology stacks
  • Development methodology and workflow
  • Software engineering best practices
  • Web and mobile technologies
  • Enterprise application architecture
  • Data analysis and knowledge representation

All-JavaScript Technology Stack

  • Node.js server-side JavaScript architectures
  • APIs and frameworks
  • Development environment setup
  • Technical consulting and workshops

Web Application Design

  • Dynamic single-page applications
  • Responsive layouts
  • Client/Server communication
  • AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, WebSockets, Promises, ...

Development Workflow

  • Agile methodologies
  • Tools: CoffeeScript, Jade, Less, Grunt, Gulp, PhantomJS, Bower, npm, Nodemon, ...
  • Testing: Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Jasmine, Karma, ...

Search and Analytics

  • Document-oriented data management
  • Knowledge representation and retrieval
  • NoSQL, Big Data, MapReduce
  • MongoDB, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, ...

Service Oriented Architecture

  • Business process implementation
  • RESTful web service design
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Distributed Applications

  • Build and deployment tools
  • Software components
  • Lightweight application containers (Docker)

Business Process Management

Business processes are key elements of an organisation's value creation chain. We support our clients in the use of business process management technologies and methodologies.

  • Business process analysis and modeling
  • Business process improvement and transformation
  • Orchestration and automation of business process activities
  • Technical workflow design
  • Process documentation and technical writing
  • IT strategy

Computer Science

With our strong background in applied research and development, we can offer our clients a pragmatic scientific approach to software-based problem solving.

  • Research and development in computation
  • Programming paradigms, languages and environments
  • Algorithms
  • Mathematics and theoretical computer science